Time for some Hardsurface

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This entire project was made with the goal in mind to have only tiling materials. So I developed a workflow to use masks, Curvature and Ao maps to determine where a material should go. I have detailed it below.

Brew_Render_01Brew_Render_03 Brew_Render_02 Brew_Render_04


Concept: https://www.artstation.com/artist/bosskey

Stained_Concrete_SD RedWood_SD Limestone_SD

More of the arm on this page >http://nicolegorny.com/robo-arm/

Wall_High Brewery_Monitor_High




Most of the wires and pipes in this scene are made with splines.

Brewery_Spline Brewery_Spline_02

Tiling Materials:

With all the tiling workflows that are emerging, and programs like Substance and Quixel that let you make awesome looking materials I figured it was time to try one out. I have found many pros, and cons for this workflow. You are able to get very close to the assets, but without making a lot of RGB masks it was difficult to place scratches on edges and dirt in crevasses. To start with I determined where a material went by and RGB mask. Then plugged in the material function that was my tiling texture.

-I went with material functions, because even though I could not make a master material with them I could globally change the material. Works great for iteration workflows
-You don’t have to use one RGB mask. You can use multiple if you have more than 4 materials on your asset.


For the issue of not having edge detail and dirt I decided to try to make an Ao and Curvature workflow for adding in these details. It worked, for the most part. You lose a lot of the purposeful wear that you get on objects. Yes you can paint them in by hand for a mask, this project was meant to find a fast way to do this. I would recommend to take the time on the hero assets to hand make masks.

Any way, I packed a Curvature into the Red channel and an AO into the Green channel.


I then split and used contrast, scurve and power nodes to get the amount that I wanted


Then plugged the AO into a LERP mask for some tiling Dirt, and the Curvature into a mask on a Material Blend for Edge wear. you end up with stuff like this.


Here is the whole material. Awful spelling and all.










Brewery_WIP02 Brewery_WIP03



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