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Pcc1_RenderCam  Pcc1_RenderCam_AO



This was done in my first month of finals at Full Sail university. I modeled, lit, textured and did the shaders for this project. This was modeled in Maya and rendered with Mental Ray. The textures were mostly photo sourced, altered and painted in Photoshop. This was really my first crash course and getting in depth with Maya. I had done small projects in the few classes before this, and this was really an eyeopening project. Luckily a lot of things clicked when doing this. Just from the simple as “oh I can use a ramp to help the back wall”, it had just never occurred to me that I can utilize simple nodes in that way. I really enjoyed this project as a whole with it. The BRDF on the table is something that was and still is major in my shading experience. The spec maps that I painted for the plastic alone were new, I had never done a spec map before this month. I knew what to do and how to do it, but to get the right spec took some trial and error.

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