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This was my final project for Full Sail. This was all modeled in Maya, textured in Photoshop and Mudbox and rendered with Mental Ray. This project was a HUGE undertaking for my final month, because this was done in December I only had 3 weeks to do this and not 4. Most of the objects in the scene were not hard to do, it was that there was just a lot of them. I put enough detail in all of my textures though that if you were to get close up on that back door, it will have the same fidelity of everything else in the scene. Problem Solving? The one issue that I really struggled with was the paint chips on the ceiling and the doors/ windows. At first I had some key spots modeled in, but I just could not get it to look right with just a bump or displacement. The problem with the doors/windows was that most of the chips break a silhouette on some piece of geometry. Even if I put a displacement on that it would not look right with no depth under the paint chip itself. So I decided to model all of those in. As well I had very much the same issue with the ceiling, though that it was mostly about the was the paint chips were peeled on the ceiling and not silhouette so much. Again displacements were not giving me the results I needed, becuase they would not pull out and peel back, it would only pull up with no gap. I also tried planes in the major areas with a cutout alpha to mix with the displacement, and still it did not give the effect I wanted.  So again I modeled in all of the paint chips on the ceiling, but I also used those planes in there as well.

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