Polycount noob challenge June 2015

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Hey all, I managed to texture all of this with Substance Designer, Painter. Placed and used it all in UE4. Polycount Thread http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=153535PNCJ_1nU5EEJ


Floor in Substance Designer


Substance Designer Wood Floor
by SSJTroll
on Sketchfab


PNCJ_interior design
Concept By:
Artist – Waqas Mallick

W.I.P. 6 Only a small update here. I figured out how to get the decals working in shaded areas.PNCJ_Q5yKxiY


W.I.P. 4PNCJ_Office_Screenshot_004

W.I.P. 3PNCJ_Office_Screenshot_003

W.I.P. 2PNCJ_Office_Screenshot_002

Blockout 1 W.I.P.


Setting up perspective in maya


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